Linda F. Hersey

Linda F. Hersey, MBA

Writer, Storyteller, Investigative Journalist, Digital Content Manager

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Rare specimens bring tourists

Enthusiasts flocking from all over the world to see a plant? Schoolchildren throughout the region clamoring to see pink flamingos?

Permafrost and a warming planet

Alaska’s permafrost tunnel is on the cutting edge of science more than a half-century after it was established as a natural resource laboratory.

Blaze Pizza

5 Things to Know in Alaska Politics

Whether you like a traditional red-sauced pizza or liberally sprinkle your pie with goat cheese, a new restaurant planned for Fairbanks has a decidedly populist approach to its menu. 

California Powers Energy Storage

California, which has surpassed a half-million jobs in the clean tech economy, leads the nation in solar installations coupled with battery storage systems.

Plugging into the Last Frontier

AJ’s OldTown Steakhouse & Tavern, a roadside restaurant for wayfarers, made history in America’s adoption of electric vehicles, including in far-flung places like Alaska.

No clear path for immigrants

 Jaime Aguilar left the only home he had known for a new life in America without entrenched poverty and threats of violence.

Young immigrants lost in America

The Trump administration withheld key contact information for locating the deported parents of immigrant children detained.

New Administration, New Agenda

The president set parameters for energy development in Alaska, in what at first appeared to be contradictory back-to-back actions on oil drilling. On closer look, the decisions underscored the president’s recognition that the US economy depends on fossil fuels in its energy portfolio.